diaphanous sway


My name is David Hahn and I am an Information Systems Technologist, Computer Hardware specialist and a Certified Editor for film and television. My educational background includes a BS’s degree in Psychology, and a MS Degree in Information Communication Technology as well as multiple subject credentials in the fields of: Art, Photography and textile science.   I have been providing technical services for distance educational purposes since 1993. 

Completing UW-Stout’s Masters in ICT has been an interesting journey.  Originally my goal was simply to gain a competitive advantage in the ICT field by enhancing my skills and abilities related to all aspects of online expression. However, with guidance by Dr. Steve Schlough, he was able to create a custom program that not only enabled me to progress toward new intellectual, academic and professional goals, but also enable me to increase my knowledge and experience in the world of I.T. business and I.T. management. This website serves as a visual and interactive representation of the competencies I've edified and new skills I've gained while completing a masters in Information Communication Technology at the University of Wisconsin Stout.